Rekindle of a newborn

05072015 My parents came from KB. I was oncall.

07072015 3 am in the morning my wife got the first contraction. It was not strong but it was loud enough to wake me up. Must be painful in deed and in need of medical attention. I decided to take emergency leave. Contraction became stronger but the frequency not that frequent.  Decided to go to PAC (patient assessment center in level 5 Hospital Selayang) The OS was just 4 cm but due to stronger contraction Dr Nik decided for admission to 5B.

I went back at near breaking fast time. I did know why I decided not to come back to the ward. At 1130 pm I called the ward ; they said it was just 5 cm. How long could it be ..?Perhaps next morning. I slept in the house with my eldest son.

08072015 At 250 am I received the call from hospital it was 8 cm and my wife was sent to labour room. Thinking that it might take awhile to reach 10 cm I decided to have quick sahur.  I arrived at 315 am but I was frustrated when I arrived in the labour room that everything was over. Baby was transferred to be cleaned.  Later around 5 pm my wife and baby was discharged home. Delivery time 0307H 53 cm 4.16 kg 08072015 / 21 Ramadan 1436 Hijrah

09072015 Went to hospital to hand over the paternity leave to the office from 09072015 to 14072015.

10072015 I planted the placenta with salam at the Taska compound.

14072015 the umbilical cord detached from baby’s abdomen.

12072015 went to IKEA with parents and Salam. We had picked the stuffs that we wanted to buy but as the queue was too long we decided to go back. Before that we went to Cold store to buy chicken and Monocle magazine.

13072015 went to IKEA once more and bought all the stuffs that we wanted to buy the day before.

14072015  went to Pasar Selayang and NSK area with my mother. Bought some cracker and cookies.  Got fresh chicken in Pasar Selayang for MYR 7.30 from MYR 7.50 per kilo. We also bought many stuffs for curry noodles for hari raya open house.

15072015 went to work. But after morning round I went back to the house.

16072015 A long time plan for Eid ul Fitri Open house thus I went and took the 120 sate. House cleaning at night and video call to mae and saiful.

17072015 First day of month of Syawal. At 810 am we were already at the mosque. The imam came so later thus the sermon ended at 9 am. Open house ran well. In the evening after the last guests leave the house suddenly mae appeared. He just bought the ticket at 2 am and decided to pay us some visit without announcing it beforehand.

18072015 Saturday we went to IKEA for lunch. Afterward mae to RM 5 Japanese shop. On the way back to Selayang the left front tyre bursted.  Gladly everybody was here that changing the spare tyre took just less 30 minutes.

19072015 Went out to workshop in the morning but all shops were still closed. Went to NSK to buy some vegetables and pampers. Evening mae and salam went to NSK and burger king and came back at 1 am

20072015 talked with mae till 330 am. Mae and salam went to to KLCC Sephora but the item they looked for was not yet launched…urban decay naked.  At night we went to publika to have dinner at Plan B all together MYR 240.  At near midnight salam went back to Shah Alam

21072015 Me and my parents send mae to KLIA 2.  From the KLIA toll till house took 35 minutes.

22072015  At 0820 my parents went back to KB.



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