Perfection into unusual normality in life

Life should be seen as a challenge and not an obstacle. Money should not be motivation to do our jobs. Money is a by product of our dedication to work. Our responsibility should go in steps: God,family(husband, wife, children, parents), job, country and humanity. In a world that became more money oriented and God significant is became less..the place of worships became quite..the immorality became without marriage between girl friend and boy friend..which once 100 years ago frown upon if sure an act happen. What the priests and imams preach become an orthodoxy and backwardness.  How many people praying many people thinking about God daily and at the same time moving forward with science and technological advancement. Division between divinity and earthly knowledge became so divided. How church starting to allow same sex marriage? How our creator intended to create us in pairs: penis fixed well with vagina. Our world is getting old and yet we still do not going forward. Lame mentality of our old humanity. Will we be replaced? 


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