What you need to look for after earnest deposit to REALTOR

Upon you place the earnest deposit, you should expect the negotiator to return with :-

1. Owner’s contact (optional)
2. Vendor’s S&P
3. Vendor(s)’ IC
4. Vendor’s loan agreement / Bank letter of offer / loan a/c details
5. Vendor’s appointed solicitor details (if vendor is represented)
6. Vendor(s)’ income tax no & branch
7. Signed Agreement To Purchase / Letter of Offer / Option To Purchase
8. House Individual / strata title (if any)
9. House renovation approval (if any)
10. Inventory list (if lock-stock-barrel)
11. House CF (if any)
12. Latest Quit Rent & Assessment
13. House layout plan (if any)
14. Latest utility bills


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