Hong Leong MortgagePlus

Hong Leong MortgagePlus

With Hong Leong MortgagePlus, you can finally refinance you home loan for better savings with our attractive loan packages. It also links your home loan to your current account to give you more savings. You save more because the daily balance in your current account is automatically offset against your principal home loan account, thus reducing your daily interest charges.

Check out the features, benefits and how you can stop paying more and start enjoying maximum savings everyday!

Attractive Loan Package

Loan packages that have been designed with you in mind, making it easier and more affordable for you to own a home.

Daily Interest Calculation

Interest on your loan is computed on daily basis and is reduced as soon as extra payment is made on daily.

Save on Interest

Extra deposits or savings made towards your current account help to cut interest cost.

Pay off your loan sooner

Trim years off on loan duration with less interest payable.

Simplicity of managing one account

Maximize on interest saving when you consolidate all your funds into current account linked to the loan and utilize this account for all your banking transactional needs.

Flexibility in repayment and withdrawal of funds

Make extra payments and withdraw from your current account when you need it, without having to apply or worry on unnecessary charges or penalties.

Easy Access to Funds

Quick access to your funds via branch, cheque book, ATM and Internet Banking from your current account.


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