Citibank Homecredit

Citibank HomeCredit, a plan that gives you total control to free up your finances

Citibank Homecredit

Gives you freedom to spend and make savings with flexible repayment and withdrawal methods.

An amortising revolving loan with cheque book and ATM facilities, you can now call the shots on when and how you pay for your home loan.

    • Single Integrated Account allows you to consolidate all your deposits and housing loan accounts, allowing you to keep track and manage your finances.


    • Pay-as-you-wish and save on interest. There are no fixed monthly installments. Just pay more to save on interest or pay less when you have other priorities.



    • Payment and Withdrawal Flexibility with no notice required, and no fees charged.



    • No Maintenance Fee or Commitment Fee is required.



    • Access to Cash Anytime whether it’s over the counter, through ATM or Citibank Online. Issuance of cheques is also accepted.



    • Optional MRTA or MLTA insurance plan to safeguard your home.


*The loan approval is subject to the Bank’s credit review. The rates on this loan may change according to the changes in Base Lending Rate (BLR).


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